Will my alarm system stop working if wifi is down?

Since Konnected replaces the existing DSC control panel, does it mean that if there is no internet, the alarm system would no longer work?

I've done some basic testing of this and as far as I can tell if the alarm is enabled and a sensor is triggered while the internet is down the Konnected panel will not turn on the siren.

Is this expected/anticipated behaviour ?  

All konnected does is send sensor status to what ever server you have set up ie: smartthings its smartthings that does the alarm and routines so if the two can not talk to each other ie: wifi down smartthings wont know there is a change of state.
So I would say it’s a expected behaviour.

Thanks Richard, I thought this might be a limitation of the architecture. 

However, I don't see any reason why the server (e.g. SmartThings) could not communicate limited state information to the NodeMCU device that has the siren connected (e.g. State = Alarm set) while there is still

connectivity.  Then if connectivity is lost (for some timeout period) and a sensor circuit is triggered and the current state = Alarm set then the siren output can be enabled for some predefined time period. Ideally such functionality could be configurable so you can enable/disable such behaviour and define which input circuits can trigger the siren in connectivity to the server is lost and the alarm is enabled.

i do get a notification to say my smart hub has gone down but i'm not sure you can use that to start a routine while its in this mode.