Which model for an Nx4 alarm replacement


I’m trying to confirm which model I need to replace my existing nx4 alarm board, to integrate with Homs Assistant. (The existing keypad will be removed)

My current home alarm has

  • 4 Motion sensor zones
  • tamper switch
  • external strobe and siren
  • internal ‘screamer’
    Schematic attached.

Not sure if I need to ‘pro’ model or not.


Hi Daniel. I have the same alarm & can confirm that it works perfectly with the  6 zone starter model.

My setup is as follows

Alarm: Siren & Strobe

Zone 1: Motion Sensor

Zone 2: Motion Sensor

Zone 3: Motion Sensor

Zone 4: Tamper Switch

Zone 5:

Zone 6: Screamer

I have internationally added the screamer as a zone (6) so that I can activate it separately from the main siren as its internal.

I'm using home assistant with the Alarmo integration.

Hope this helps.