What Relay for X-Sense Smoke Alaram?

Hi All,
I have Konnected Alarm Panel Pro and would like to wire my X-Sense XP04 interconnected smoke alarms to it. However, after searching for a couple of hours and not finding a specific relay for X-Sense, I am turning to you guys for guidance. There are specific relays available for other brands that might work for X-Sense since they are wired the same way but I have no prior experience. Can anyone give me a suggestion?

Thank you,

Anyone can help with this?

The interconnect circuits are pretty generic as far as I know. I think the BRK RM4 relay would probably work with this brand, too. It’s probably worth a try.

Sounds good, thank you for the reply.
I will give it a go and will post my findings here.

Thanks again