What is the limit for number of zones?

My house has 30+ wires coming into the alarm panel .  They were merged to about 4 zones in the original system.

I ordered the 24 zone kit (still patiently waiting) thinking that 24 is the max the system would support.  Now, I see there is a thread with 32 zones in the title, but no real discussion of that number.

Is there anything special needed to increase the zone count beyond 24 (aside from additional hardware of course)?

There is no limit to the number of zones you can have. They obviously go in multiples of 6. But you can continue to add-on as you desire. All you need is the additional hardware (add-on boards, WiFi modules, and power)

One thing to consider when splitting zones is if you one want or need to monitor some things individually. For instance if you have 3 windows in a room, do you care which one is opened? If the answer is 'yes' then you should monitor them individual. If the answer is 'no' you probably want to group them as a zone.

Thanks Andy.  That confirms my interpretation of how it works.  Still have to wait until May to get started...

I do agree about  the cost / benefit trade-off of individually tracking each item vs. zoning like items in the same space.