Troubleshooting window/door switches?

Installed Konnect a while back. I'm using sensors/switches from a previous (20 year old) installation. In the 4 yrs I've lived in this home, we've never used the system -- so I didn't know the status of the wiring.

Every zone worked w/ the exception of 3 that were wired together in the existing setup. There's a family room/kitchen area that has two banks of two windows, a slider, and single window in the kitchen. 

I've tried each of these 3 zones individually and together, but they are always 'open'. 

Is there a procedure to test switches? I hope the wiring itself isn't messed up. Thx!

Did you un pigtail the connections?  You simply need to use a ohm meter at the alarm box and test each pair to find the ones that are not making contact.  There may be a better way, but what I do is make sure one of the pairs is wired together at the alarm control box.  

Then go to each window/door and test across the sensor.  It depends on the brand of the sensor, some are easier than others.  I actually bought Tane-60 sensor that you wire, and replaced mine with these as you can easily get to the wire connections on the switch.  Then test for continuity across the switch.  Once ou have identified a pair with a switch, then you need to verify if the magnet or the switch is bad.