Three extra wire runs.....what to use them for?

I recently gutted the board from my old ADT alarm system and got all the wiring labeled. I will be installing a Konnected alarm panel conversion kit. I have three door sensors, two motion detectors, and two sirens. Years ago when the system was installed they ran the power from under the house at the far end. When I removed the old circuit board, I also disconnected the phone line run, one of the sirens, and I will now be powering the new setup from a newly installed outlet at the panel location.

So, I basically have three extra wire runs that aren’t being used for anything (phone line, 2nd siren line, and unused PSU line. I’m looking for some great suggestions on what I can add to utilize these extra lines. I’m just getting started with Home assistant, so I’m sure I haven’t even scratched the surface on what’s possible. Thanks for any suggestions.

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