Strange problem today with my piezo buzzers

Summary- my buzzers keep sounding a 3-note chime every second and I don’t know why and can’t get it to stop. This is a new problem starting today after issues with the Classic app this morning.

Long version:
This morning there was that widespread issue with the SHM on the Classic app (haven’t migrated yet- deciding if now is the time to switch to something else). My wife disabled the alarm on an ActionTiles panel and opened a door, but the alarm still went off. When I opened the ST app, it said it was “Unable to load your Home Solutions”- some issue in Samsung’s end. I finally unplugged the power to my Konnected devices just to get the siren to turn off.

Later in the day, Samsung fixed whatever problem they had introduced, so I plugged my 3 Konnected devices back in. The siren and buzzers immediately went off again, so I made sure SHM was turned off and then manually turned off the siren and buzzers.

But now all of the buzzers are repeating a little 3-note chime about every second. In the app, I’ve turned the siren mode for the buzzers on and off and tried to trigger a manual beep- doesn’t do anything and the chimes continue. They only seem to stop momentarily every few minutes when the Konnected device reboots.