Smarthings Virtual Switches looping when armed & disarmed

In mid-January 2021, my alarm managed by Smarthings Virtual Switches and Action Tiles started to loop when armed and disarmed. For example, it will turn itself off 24 times and as I have a piezo set up in a zone, during this time (about 10 seconds) the piezo buzzer sounds going on/off 24 times. It worked perfectly for months and with no change on my end, this started happening.

I have installed the same system using the same Virtual Switch setup at my son's home also with Google Home and while he does not use Action Tiles for a keypad, he does not have this loop.

Smartthings support looked at the Smarthings log and told me it is the way I have set up the Virtual Switches.  They had no reply when I told them it worked for months before this started. When I remove the virtual switches system will not work properly with the Smarthings Home Monitor and Google Home. For example, the piezo no longer sounds and the icons on the Smatthings Home Monitor do not change.

Any anyone else having this issue? Better yet, anyone know how to solve this?