Slow contact closer response time

I recently installed the Alarm Panel Pro. It is powered by the external power supply and a POE switch (no wifi) I have 12 standard Honeywell 951 wired contact closures connected to all the inputs. On any given zone, often the response time between window/door open or closer on several of the zones take 4 to 7 seconds. Sometimes the response times are 1 Secound. On the longer delays I can open a door, walk in and close it and the zone condition doesn’t change. I am using both homebridge (wired not wifi) Konnect plugin and the HomeKit app to use to test with.
Any thoughts on the possible issues?

I’ve found that door sensors that have end-of-line resistors still in place exhibit lazy and delayed triggering, possible resistors inline?

Thank you for the response. These are brand new sensors and there are no resistors. The resistors are use for anti - tampering situations which Im not worried about.

Have you performed continuity tests of the sensor switches independent of the alarm panel? I might consider the possibility of the sensor magnets being sticky in their sleeves.

Thanks for the reply, Joshmaz. Yes I tested the censors with a multimeter and tone tester and they give sub second closure. I also took a wire and shorted the contact closures connection at the Alarm Panel Pro. I am assuming this is a unique situation and others are not experiencing any delay times over a second? In noticing the behavior it seems like I am seeing the polling process of the software stack as maybe it is scanning the entire 12 connectors in order as apposed to looking for one state change. Any given closure it might close in less than one second one time or take four to five seconds another. The Konnected folks say they can view the logs but it appears it cannot be had without attaching a serial cable to the unit . The unit is installed and hard to get at. Its to bad it can’t just be FTP’d off the device or accessed directly.