Siren is sounding when unit is powered on

Noticing that the Konnected board will sound my siren until the WiFi connects.  Any way to disable this?

Are there any other situations where the siren could sound when not specifically told to by me?

Keeping the sirens unplugged until I'm sure they won't go off on their own.

We've had a few reports of this issue, and via some debugging we've found that the issue occurs if you have a motion sensor connected to Zone 5. I'm not exactly sure yet why having a motion sensor on zone 5 causes the issue, but that's the pattern we've observed.

A workaround is to re-arrange your zones so that Zone 5 is used by something other than a powered sensor. A door/window sensor or piezo buzzer in zone 5 will avoid the issue.

Let us know if that helps.

I did have a motion detector wired to zone 5.  Moving it to zone 6 has resolved the issue.