Signs and Decals...for security signaling

Believe it or not, the number one requirement my wife has for upgrading our existing wired home security system to a wireless one is getting signs and decals to scare away the bad guys who can read. I kid you not.

I want to install your Konnected system and to use Apple HomeKit as a hub (not available yet, but I'm hoping that it will come in time), but my wife is okay with spending hundreds of dollars more just for the signs. Hope you can find a way to add signs and decals to your product line at a modest cost (maybe even free) so that my wife will let me go forward with Konnected.

Strange, but true. Thanks for your consideration.

signs are the first line of defense!  I would also pay for alarm monitoring signs!

I'd +1 for Konnected signs (and buy some too!), but while you're waiting you can find general "home alarm" signage on Amazon.  The sign is generally a larger deterrent than the actual system, so the ROI is great.

+1. I actually repurposed my old Brinks sign.

I spray painted it gray and put a Konnected sticker on it. lol

I would echo this - a small, simple sign would be greatly appreciated. Happy to pay a few extra bucks for it, as well. 

I considered making a sign (I have a vinyl cutter) but the thing that concerns me are savvy burglars. If you advertise that you home is protected by Konnected they would then know the Achilles Heel of your system… that it needs WiFi in order to work.

The new Pro boards have an eathernet port. You can also back up your system with a cellular type backup in case the your internet service is out.

No alarm system is going to stop "savvy burglars", but that's only half the story.

Point 1 - WiFi Isn't Your Biggest Problem

If you have ANY alarm system decal, the answer is always "if I cut the phone/cable lines, there won't be a notification sent to the police/alarm company" (and those utilities are generally available outside the house).  Why cut just the WiFi when you can shut down the whole house?   Heck, I can take out the whole block at once if I just do a basic scan for the community box.

It makes an argument for a cellular connection that you can use as a backup, but that's a price/reward thing.

I know you're now thinking "then it'll be brilliant of me to have an alarm system with no decal!" - see Point 2.

Point 2 - You vs. Your Neighbor

A savvy burglar is one who takes the path of least resistance.  You and your neighbor both live in the same area and probably have around the same income, yet you have an alarm system (which you have advertised having) and your neighbor doesn't.  Which house is a "savvy burglar" going to aim for?

This is the main point of home alarm decals.  Even without an actual alarm system, they reduce the occurrence of burglary.

(the same goes for dogs, BTW)

Point 3 - It's Only So Good Anyway

Alarm systems are just a better version of locks - and we all know that the purpose of locks is to keep the good guys out.  

Starting with this fact: if you're a truly high-value target, someone who wants in is just going to ring your doorbell in broad daylight and have you let them in - then go about their thing.  The alarm system becomes moot.

But we're talking about "savvy burglars" who approach in the night.  In that case, first see Point 1, because that's happening with or without a sign in your yard (you might not have bothered to put up the decal, you could have smart home stuff, you might not have a cell phone handy for dialing 911... there are reasons).  But past that, if they're savvy they're going to run a good magnet detector along your doors/windows, and if they find one they're just going to set up a strong magnet to defeat the reed switch in your door/window.  Or, more likely, move on to your neighbor (Point 2) - because you might have infrared motion detectors, and those are still defeatable... but are more annoying.


No matter how you slice it, short of exotic scenarios where you are concerned about personal assassination or burglary of something very specific that only you own, advertising an alarm system doesn't hurt you.  And I do mean exotic versions of both things, not that those scenarios are exotic (though they are). 

Excellent points and well said. Perhaps I will make that yard sign after all.

I work on the ides.

- Advertise you have an alarm but give out no detaisl to what one.

- Show there are active powered alarm devices in the house and not just stickers.

- Sirens outside are a waste of time - add many many inside - if they are oportunistic they may not care to hang aorund if you make the inside un appealing.

- I have cellular backup on my wi-fi and battery - alarm shoudl connect to same system.

- Video door bell witn motion detection - Can see how many people come around to check out who is home and come back later.

While you are at it - descreetly dispose of any boxing for nice things you have purchased.  A box from a fancy thing by the garbage is a sure sign there are good things inside.

If you ever to get broken into - be extra vigulant - as they expect new replacement items in a few weeks to be inside.