Setup Konnected H/W with Home Assistant - NO YAML

Hi everyone,

through my frustration and all the attempts to get my system up and running, I've had a couple of breakthroughs, but still have some issues that I need to work through.  

I need your assistance in making the document added in the below link a good product to help others in the future walk through the H/W and Integration process for HA (This may as well work for SmartThings but I'm not sure since I dumped my ST a few months ago) at a minimum, it will get your started and the hardware configured.

There is NO YAML in this document.  I only focus on the core hardware integration and functionality which includes Konnected Pro, Integration and relay boards (keep in mind that relays are now on the Konnected Interface boards) which makes all of this a little cleaner setup.

In addition, I try NOT to use industry terms, acronyms or anything that takes the DIY person on a path that a certified Alarm Installer will take, that's not for the most part an achievement most DIY enthusiasts are striving for, it's all about get things installed and configured with the least amount of headache or frustration.

Please help me make this document better.  If you have "ANY" input that will help someone, its useful, so suggest additions, changes, corrections, whatever it is so that this document can follow the "KISS" approach (Keep It Simple Stupid) thanks.