Repeating output stops on any status change

I’m setting up my new Konnected pro board with Home Assistant to replace my old ADT system. It’s not installed yet, I’m just programming and planning my install. Part of my programming is trying to replicate the operation of the old system as close as possible for the family, and thus I have the provided buzzer on output 1, a “ready to arm” led on output 2, and a “armed” led on zone 1 as an output. In Home Assistant, I have set up multiple “zone states” for the buzzer with different patterns using the timers and repeat.  My “exit delay” is a short pulse every second, repeating “-1” (forever). It works great until I open a door to exit, then the beeping stops. Home Assistant doesn’t seem to be shutting it off, it still shows the entity as on until the exit delay is done. It seems any sensor change from the board itself, or any output change from HA will stop a repeating output. Am I missing something?