Power three Fire 7 Tablets on one adaptor?

I currently have two Fire 7 Tablets powered via one adaptor, can I add a 3rd?

I am looking for this kind of information and it is hard to come by. I have to power 4 tablets and 2 Alarm Panel Pros. I’d like to do this from 1 wall wart, ideally, as space is tight in the electronics closet. The closest thing I have seen is a big power supply (google AC 110V/220V to DC 12V 30A 360W Universal Regulated Switching Power Supply Transformer).

Is there a wall wart that can power 4 tablets and 2 alarm panel pros? Alternatively, how many tablets can a wall wart power (and what are the specs on the wall wart)?

After some research, I decided to buy a 12V, 10A power supply (laptop charger style) and split it 6 ways - 4x tablets and 2x Alarm Panel Pros. Theoretically, this should provide enough power to each Alarm Panel Pro and each tablet.

Problems I’m afraid I might encounter - is it OK to have that much power pushed over the tiny red and black wires to the tablet chargers? I am installing Piezos on the other 2 wires as we like the door chime feature on the old security system.

Since I could find nothing about powering this many tablets in this manner online or in the forum, I will report back how it went.

I’ve been meaning to report back. Hopefully this helps someone in the future. I can confirm that a 12V, 10A power supply will power 4 tablets and 2 Alarm Panel Pros with no problems.

I found the power supply on Amazon with the same barrel connector that the Alarm Panel Pro power supply had. I used a 1 to 6 DC splitter. I needed a few DC power extension cables to reach various places. But basically just plug and play from there.

Full list of supplies here:
Power Supply:

1 to 6 splitter:

DC power extension cables:

12C DC Adapter plug (converts wires to female DC plug):

12V to 5V Step down block:

I also decided to go with Fire 10 tablets instead of Fire 7. If you have the space and $, I highly recommend this. The end result looks and functions pretty good.

For the dashboard, I decided to use the Home Assistant app. I run a program called YAKK that opens a boot and launches Home Assistant. On each tablet I used User Settings to pick dark mode, the relevant dashboard, and removed the side and top bar. In YAKK, I configured the camera to use motion detection on sensitivity 1, 2, or 3 (these are the only ones that seemed to work well) to wake the screen. This works really well. The only minor bug I am facing is that sometimes the dashboard is not refreshing, but it work right 90% of the time.

I have different dashboards for different locations. In public areas, like by the front door and garage entrance, I have limited info on the dashboard, but in private areas, like the Master Bedroom, I have configured the dashboard to control the whole house.

I hope this helps someone in the future as I found this information hard to find and had to guess on some things, but it works brilliantly. Oversize your power supply if needed, just don’t under size it - that is where you will run into trouble.

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