Patient Safety systems (Legacy) potential Konnected upgrade

Hi all,

(before i start)

Really glad I came across this great product and congratulations to all involved in getting it to where it is today.

I work in the Healthcare (Patient Safety) industry and think Konnected could really make inroads in that sector.

(eg) there are thousands of old Patient Wandering legacy systems out there which could benefit from adding/ upgrading using  Konnected, but also allowing Nursing Homes and Acute Hospitals maintain and leverage the existing cable infrastructure in place.

most Patient Wandering systems are R.F based (Patient wears a Tag that a controlled exit locks or alarms if Tag is in range) but the infrastructure, controllers, inputs and outputs around controlled Exits are identical to regular house alarm systems.

Where i see an immediate impact and opportunity (and something I would really like to explore) would be the upgrading of repeater/alarm panels on Patient Wandering systems with something like Action Tiles running off a Konnected board.


Most (if not all) repeater panels (known in the industry as 'Nurse stations') are a very simple bell and whistle devices that display a light and sound a buzzer if an exit is breached

The Nurse Station basically has a cable from each controlled exit that  receives a N/O or N/C dry input and actives a light and buzzer indicating which exit is in alarm.  

If a Konnected Board could take these dry inputs from the Exits and then these inputs could be addressable and displayed on a Tablet running Action Tiles then that would be a fantastic start to replacing old outdated 'bell and whistle' repeater/nurse stations, but that is only a start!  as I am sure there is much more scope for Konnected integration with these type of systems.

One possible caveat..

Can the above all be achieved via a wired setup. If any aspect needs to be wireless then it could be a potential risk factor (fail safe) that might not be able to get over in this type of Industry. 

I am open to all suggestions and look forward to your reply

thanks in advance