Only 2 zones seems to work with Connected Panel

I have 3 door contacts (sensors) connected to the panel at zone 1,2 and 3. Only contacts connected to zones 1 and 2 seem to show the correct status in the status page, while the one connected to 3 does not show the correct status. I tried connecting the contact to zones 4, 5 and 6 as well, but none of them show the correct status or change status when the door is opened.  The same contact shows the correct status when connected to zone 1 or 2, so I know that the contact is working as intended.  Anyone else see this behavior? 


I saw the same thing on a couple of my door contacts but not the window type. My door contacts are the recessed type. Couple of things I found… needed to be careful when inserting the common grounds to make sure I had good contact on all wires. I had one that I isolated by itself. Not sure what was going on. You can inverse the status in the channel setup. Reading up on reed switches… the polarity shouldn’t be an issue but some systems do have endnof line resistors. There is an article on this in the help. I finally got everything working but never did really determine why the issue.