Multiple WiFi AP, Will it choose the best one?

My Konnected boards are in a low signal area, with one of my AP's slightly better than the other.  I have two boards side by side, one keeps disconnecting from the WiFi.  I'm noticing it's choosing to connect to the further away AP.

During setup the drop down for the WiFi shows two with the same name.  Should the unit just auto-connect to best of the two, or do I have to make sure I'm choosing the better AP during setup?

Both AP's have the same ssid/password.


Just tested further.  They seem to lock to the specific AP.

Connected all to one specific AP, then unplugged the AP.  The Konnected boards would not attempt to connect to the secondary AP.  Boards went back into WiFi setup mode.

So that answers my own question.  I'll just have to make sure I am connecting them to the one I want, and also be aware that I can't change AP hardware without re-configuring.

Thanks for testing this, Travis. I actually wasn't sure what it would do here, as I hadn't tested this.

And of course, it was user error anyway.  Disregard everything above, because the units WILL connect to another AP if the first one disappears or whatever.

That is, if you type in the SSID the same on both AP's.  Just tested it again.  Connected to garage AP, then unplugged garage AP, they connected to house AP instead.  All good.

Sorry, was doing too many things at once and set up the second AP with a type-o (capitalization error).