Have you considered an MQTT integration for Konnected ?

I just came here to ask that…

I don’t think (I have no programming of boards to know) it would be too difficult to achieve.

Essentially you would need to enter in 6 topics for the zones. The payload would be on/off

I would prefer it as MQTT than an integrated component of Home Assistant.

I then have the options of bypassing HA and using Node Red or MQTT dashboard.

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I'd like to refresh this topic.

Github releases for 2.3.0 says:

Support for cloud connectivity with AWS IoT.

Future support for MQTT

Two questions:

1. I've registered with konnected cloud and see API Endpoint as wss://xxxx/mqtt. Can I use this mqtt endpoint ? Any credentials/certificates ?

2. When is planned full MQTT support ?


I would really like to do this too. It would be great to have the Konnected device connecting to the cloud and be able to listen for events it raises there.

Any update on this?

 When is planned full MQTT support ? I have the same question. Hope someone can explain more detail.  basket random