Maximum power draw from battery

I am in the process of figuring out how I’ll wire up a Konnected Alarm Panel Pro along with a battery pack. But I also want to have a Raspberry Pi next to all this and was hoping to use the UPS battery (the Konnected one) to power both the board and the Pi.

The questions I have are:

  1. Is it possible to use both the 12V and 5V USB output from the Konnected UPS at the same time? From the sheet that comes with it, I think yes, but wanted to be sure!

  2. What is the maximum current draw from the battery if both are connected? The sheet with it says 2.5A for the 12V and 2.1A for the 5V USB. But I guess that’s not possible to have both at the same time, and I would assume at least it’s limited to what the power supply charging the battery is limited to.

If anyone can help with these it’d be much appreciated!

Yes, it is possible to use both the 12V and 5V USB output at the same time, but you will not be able to draw the maximum power from both ports simultaneously. The device overall is limited to 30W power output. I’m not entirely sure how that would be prioritized between the 12V OUT and 5V OUT if both were drawing a significant amount of current.

A Raspberry Pi is typically pretty power-hungry for a USB device. I would recommend a dedicated (separate) battery for the Pi if it is critical to keep running under backup power.

Any way you can distribute the load among multiple power sources will result in more backup runtime.

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Many thanks for the reply @nate!

Yes, I’m leaning towards separate battery for the Pi now anyway. Strangely enough, when I ordered through Amazon, I accidentally bought 2 Konnected batteries instead of 1. Seems like I was pre-empting what I was going to need!

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