Looking to buy new door switches - spec. guidance needed

I'd like to add some new wired recessed door/window sensors to my existing home.  The only trick is, I'd like to use Magnasphere switches, and I'm not sure if they're in-range for Konnected or not.  I'm sure there's a post somewhere about the wattage/voltage for each zone, but all the information I can find is about how Konnected works with existing systems... not a lot of data about new wired systems (which is crazy - wired is the way to go for any new build).

Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated!

1. The specifications of the contact sensors I am looking at are:
  • Max Current: 0.25A Resistive
  • Max Voltage: 30VDC
  • Max Power: 0.25W Resistive
am I in a safe zone with those specs?

2. I can buy the sensors as "normally open" or "normally closed" (with the target magnet in place).  Can you confirm I should look at the "normally closed" variant?