Legacy wireless receiver integration?

Pretty sure I know this can't be done, but I thought I'd ask. My system has several wired zones and also an RF wireless receiver that adds several additional zones - wireless door and window sensors. It communicated to my old system via the control panel terminals on my Ademco board. Here's the unit I'm talking about: https://www.zionssecurity.com/product/adt-wireless-receiver-for-safewatch-pro-ademco-panels-16-zones-2/

Is there any way these zones could be added to my Konnected kit? What would happen if I plugged the two data wires into a zone? I'm afraid to try. Best case, it reads all of these wireless zones as one. Worst case, it damages my board.

And as a follow-up question, assuming this wireless controller can't be added to my kit, can the wireless sensors be repurposed to use with my smartthings system? Or are they a proprietary protocol? Here's what those things are: https://www.security.honeywell.com/hsc/products/intruder-detection-systems/wireless/door-window-sensor/21234.html

There is not a way to integrate those wireless sensors unless they can connect to SmartThings. If that can do that just simply add them as another 'thing' and in your SmartHome Monitor.

Otherwise the easiest thing to do is to purchase new wireless ST compatible sensors.

Thanks. It looks like what I'm really trying to do is translate my Honeywell wireless output into something my Smartthings can read. I found a couple solutions involving a Raspberry Pi. I don't think I'll bother. Here's one in case anyone else is curious.


Having same question with my setup.  Don't understand how to connect to current Konnected system or Smartthings hub?

@Andrew / @Brad, I know this is old post, but did you guys found any solution? Or went with any different solution? 



I just pulled out the wireless receiver and replaced about 12 window sensors with z wave sensors.

Ok. If you can share which one you went with? And I guess those are not working with Konnected, and using Smarthings?

Thanks for the quick reply