Konnected and wireless receivers

I just got my Konnected system installed this week.  I didn't pay much attention previously but I have a wireless motion detector in an area of my house (Tyco WS4904).  It was connecting wirelessly to my keypad.  Now that the keypad has been cut out of the system, I would like to find a way to still use this wireless detector.

I found Tyco RF5132 that is a wireless receiver that I believe will work with the detector.  Where I am lost is knowing if this receiver can be wired into the Konnected and how I would go about doing so.

Can anyone provide me some guidance on how to get this wireless motion detector integrated into the Konnected system?  Thanks so much for your help!

Unfortuantely the wireless sensors do not integrate to the Konnected boards. I would recommend getting a replacement zigbee or zwave sensor that is ST compatible. 

Andy, Any update on wireless sensor integration.  I have a few HAI wireless receiver units that I want to integrate?  thanks