Keypad Wiring for Siren?

Hi. Just installed my Konnected board and it works great. Really happy with it. I have an existing Leviton keypad (image attached) that came with the home that worked as the "alarm" before (loud beeping). I have no actual siren though, which I would like to have to alert me in the middle of the night if someone enters, etc.. 

My question is this: can I use the keypad wiring to install a siren where the keypad is? If so, what siren would you recommend? Any other suggestions for my situation? Thanks in advance!

Hi Ryan, 

You might look at this siren on Amazon. Its been recommended by several using he Konnected systems.  The siren requires is electrically driven from the Konnected Alarm Panel (+/-) terminals after you setup the Alarm/Out zone in the Konnected Smartthing app.  



Great. Thanks Greg! Much appreciated. I should be able to use the same wiring from the keypad, correct? Thank you. 


The wiring from the existing Keypad should be fine for use with this siren. Keep in mind the the 12VDC power supply used to power the Konnect Alarm Panel module will also be supplying the siren power. So if you have other devices using power from the Konnect Alarm Panel AUX terminal you will need to ensure the combined power for all devices doesn't exceed the capacity of the DC source power supply you are using.  I've seen configurations where tablets were mounted in place of the legacy keypads and used the Aux power from the Konnected Alarm Panel module to supply power for keeping the tablet charged. 


Great information. Thanks Greg. 

thanks , my problem solve and great information