Is my idea safe?

I picked up a Konnected Alarm panel pro for my 2005 build house with a DSC wired system. It has 2 keypads and I would like to replace those with wall mounted tablets in a Home Assistant configuration

The keypads are 12v DC but the tablets are 5v dc. So I bought 2 step down converts with my Konnected Alarm Pro.
I would like to take the DSC alarm panel totally out of the mix so I was wondering if using a 110v AC to 12v DC power converter chained together with a Shelly One Relay before the 12v to 5v converter would be safe.

The Shelly is to cut power to the 12v supply when the tablet is between 15% and 95% battery.

I got the same panel for my brother's new house and I can totally guarantee its safety. Though it's a little expensive and I had to use the money that I got from write my essays uk service that I provide freelance, anyways according to the company I bought it, 110v AC is a better converter for this alarm.

I have the same alarm panel at my office write my essays uk and I guarantee that it's the safest you can use. The company told me to use a 110v AC converter along with it due to it being more suitable.


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