Help with Alarm Panel 1.4

Hi, I have the original alarm panel 1.4 (with the separate NodeMCU) that I bought in 2019. I recently moved homes and am trying to get it reinstalled in the new place. I’ve got the hardware connected, but am unable to get the wifi connected. Is there a way to get the original documentation? I tried flashing the newer version of the firmware from over USB from and keep running into “An error occurred. Improv Wi-Fi Serial not detected” Is there a way to get the older version of the firmware so that I can try reflashing that? Please let me know and thanks for your help.!

I don’t recommend using an older firmware.

After re-flashing it, the device should broadcast a konnected-xxxxx network. Connect to it using your phone then use the Konnected app or go to to setup WiFi.

Thanks. Turned out the NodeMCU unit was busted and I had to get a new one. The alarm panel uses the larger size NodeMCU board, which was hard to get these days. So had to rig it with jumper wires. Anyway, the new software works flawlessly with the older alarm panel.

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