Help please unsuccessful

I’m really confused about all this thing dragging the connection for more than a year unsuccessful
Uploading some pic
I can’t see any sensors at the app

Hi @zilber1.lior,

I’d be happy to help but need a little more info. What platform are you using? SmartThings?

It’s difficult to see the original panel sensor wiring from this pic. Could you provide a clearer picture of the original panel and a zone listing if you have one available?

Thank you, in the mean time I got help from the support, thx, I’m using HA
so, I connected the wires etc. the app seem working properly,
BUT I don’t see any changes when open/close door - or motion sensor - the two wires I know to identify (no lights changes at the small red led)
tried to adjust the small screw - no changes in the mean time…