GDO blaQ: BIG Update!

Hello! Here’s some incredible news about GDO blaQ:

  1. Exclusive Batch: We have a handful of our final and fully-functional pre-production units in, and they work amazingly well! We’re going to be shipping out the first, exclusive set of GDO blaQ to the very earliest pre-order customers next week!

  2. Mid-April Shipping: The first pre-order batch is now scheduled to ship mid-April. We are sorry that we missed the March commitment. We just want to make sure that we got the hardware exactly right for you and you get the best experience possible.

  3. Fresh Look: The photo above showcases the REAL look of our product - GDO blaQ enclosures are here and we hope you love how they look as much as we do!

  4. Simplified Installation: We’ve made major firmware improvements that make the installation even simpler and expanded compatibility. Now you only need TWO WIRES plus power (previously it was three). All communication with the garage door unit is over the red/white wires to the keypad. This also means that there are more flexible mounting options — it can be mounted near the motor unit, OR on the wall near the wall button.

  5. Big Compatibility Update: Now, in addition to “yellow-button” Security+ 2.0 openers, we’ve added compatibility for all Security+ openers. This includes most Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Craftsman and Merlin (Australia) brands made since 1997.

  6. New Features Unlocked: The features are incredible! With our latest firmware build, not only can we open and close the garage, but you can also get status and control the light, lock, learn mode, and monitor the obstruction sensor and motion sensor (with capable wall buttons).

  7. Multi-Platform: you can pair it to Home Assistant, SmartThings, Alexa, Hubitat … or all 4 at the same time.

  8. Control4 Coming Soon: Control4 driver is coming soon and it’s being built by Chowmain.