Garage Door Reed Switch with Interface Kit


I have a Hills alarm (8 zone with zone doubling) and the Konnected with Interface kit connected successfully.  I am hoping to connect a reed switch to my garage door, but don't have spare zones available on my alarm panel, and am wondering if I can connect it to the Konnected panel's (using zone 9) rather than the alarm panel, given it's purely for monitoring?  Or does the interface kit elimate the abiliity to use the Konnected directly?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Frank,

I think you need to buy a Relay Module from them for that to work,

But there is plenty on the market that can also connect to Smart things app that will work too.

I personally is having trouble connecting Konnected to my Hills alarm system,

How did you connect it to get status update such as Arm and disarmed? siren?


Hi Joe

I connected the reed switch to the Konnected via the next spare zone on the Konnected itself to monitor the garage door state.  On a closer look, I had a separate module connected to the alarm so my alarm remotes also controlled the garage door.  I connected the Konnected relay to this module to use existing wiring to open and close the garage door.

In regards to status updates, i jumped the sensors from the alarm to the Konnected zone.  Same with alarm and siren.  Didn't really have any other hurdles once that was done.  My only challenge initially was working out how to use the zone doubling, but when i pulled apart one of the sensors, I found the resistors in there, so was simple enough.