Ethernet Port. First Post on the board!

I think that adding an ethernet port would be a good option. I like the reliability of a wired connection. 

Unfortunately that is easier said than done. If Konnected ends up moving towards an ESP32 based system it may be easier but there is still multiple hurdles that would need to be overcome.

Agreed. It could be possible to integrate an external ethernet via master/slave SPI with the 8266 but that would be kinda hacky.

I just don't 100% trust my wifi + I wanted to have the first post on the new forum!

It would be great to see this option. I previously was running a setup using an Envisalink and really like the fact it was hardwired given where the alarm panel is in my house. 

I agree 100%. I'm about to build a new home in the coming year and I want a wired alarm system to avoid jammers. It seems silly to have wired sensors only to have the board easy to target with a wifi jammer.


I'm right there with ya.

My house was prewired with Cat5e instead of the standard telephone cable and every room terminates into an in-wall enclosure in my master bedroom closet. This also happens to be right next to my alarm system panel where all of my wired sensors terminate. So I basically have the entire house wired for LAN and security. I have my router/modem/headless system in the closet also. I am running Konnected about 4 feet from my main router on a dedicated wifi connection. All the wifi in my house goes through an access point on the main floor and back to the main router.

If I had ethernet on the Konnected board, I could eliminate that dedicated wifi connection and the problems that go along with it.

I haven't had any issues yet with the Konnected board and the wifi but it would be more secure if it was wired.

Attached are pictures of my poor man's server. The headless is a Linux machine that I only use for the heavy work of encoding my movies, hosting Plex Media Server, and running my Google Assistant API. 

During move-in and after move-in. I'll post pictures of my Konnected setup on the other discussion once I have my garage "zone" wired up. (sorry the pictures are sideways. I couldn't figure out how to rotate them)




Quite the the setup you have there. We can only assume that a v.2 of Konnected will have ethernet on perhaps a ESP32 board. However, I think they have their hands full fulfilling the current orders so a v.2 is most likely not around the corner. 

Perhaps someone could tweak to run on the ESP32. Way out of my league and I would prefer to support Nate. But at the end of the day I need ethernet to run this in my home.

I'll join my voice to those requesting a wired option.  My Alarm panel is in the basement, which isn't the best place to receive wifi signal, but it is also right next to my ethernet switch board (the wifi router is upstairs).  I'd much prefer a wired connection.  


 I'll also voice my desire for a wired Ethernet option.  I ran a Cat6 cable to my alarm panel when I built my house specifically for this eventuality.  WiFi for a wired alarm system just doesn't make sense.

Once this option is available, I'll buy.

 After researching around a bit, I understand the problem with an Ethernet-based solution.  For those not familiar with how this integration was done, it's based on the ESP8266 System-on-chip, which is Wifi based.  You can read about the chip here:

So, to make it a wired solution, another board would have to be used, and the code would have to be written specifically for that board.  Something similar to an Arduino Ethernet could work.

I'm not a coder, I can brute-force my way through some Visual Basic stuff but that's about it.  But, I do understand that portability of code between different hardware does not usually directly translate.  So, to build the Konnected system for a totally different board would take some work, hence why there is not currently an Ethernet-based solution.

All that said, I would think that with the Konnected code being open source and with the popularity of Arduino, it's probably only a matter of time before someone, somewhere attempts to make it happen.

The good news is, though, that the ESP8266 SOC appears to be very robust, so even though the link is wireless that doesn't make it 'bad'.

Another vote from me.  Not only do I not trust wifi, I have far too many devices connect to my wifi which makes it very difficult to change the password.  This in turn encourages bad password management behavior as most will just not change their passwords.

Voting for an ethernet option with my both hands. I would buy the whole kit again if I have to.

Totally agree and ethernet option would be best both for stability and security.

I already bought the WiFi setup off of Nate (which is awesome). I would definately buy an Ethernet setup off him if, hecame out with one.

 Possible to use the usb port with a usb ethernet adapter?

Since you have the Ethernet jacks could consider something like a Luma which would allow you to add an access point via Ethernet right near your alarm set up.  I have a Luma system (1 head AP unit and 2 additional APs) for the wireless mesh in my house and have great coverage for basement, 1st, 2nd, and garage with them.  I know there are some other brands that work similarly (Eero Pro for one).  At least that way you've got Ethernet to the area you're working with and then you'd have a strong WiFi signal from the AP to your Konnected.


The problem is not really the reliability of Wifi as such bur rather that a Wifi network can be jammed with a cheap jammer. The increase in wireless DIY alarm systems has made the Wifi jammers part of the toolkit for the professional burglars.

It only takes one weak link in the alarm chain to make it an easy target. I'm building a new home and I will run 200+ meters of cable only to have the last 20 cm between a konnected board and the HA PI to be easily targeted? So close but no cigar.

I wish Konnected would be based on the ESP32 instead of ESP8266 as the ESP32 comes with ethernet and it really is not that expensive. The small increase in price is worth it IMO as it would render konnected harder to target.

 Another vote for an Ethernet port option...   There are far too many good reasons to add this feature and the extra cost is a rounding error in the big scheme of things...  Anyone that has dealt with IP Cams on wifi, or just about any other "wifi only hub" (Harmony, ST, rainmachine, etc.) knows that wifi un-reliability cannot be understated AND the Kdevices belong in a locked metal enclosure making matters tougher...


This feature has my vote!

Voting for this as well. Wifi connectivity just doesn't appeal to me.