Hi - I really like what I have read and I will more than likely go ahead and purchase. However, my home is in the Apple ecosystem and everything is pointed at homekit. I realize I could use Homebridge as a work around, but is there any chance there will be an update to allow for use with Homekit in the near future?


I want to second this one hard. If HomeKit gets in there I'm sold. The same holds true for Ring.

Konnected.io is exactly what I need, as soon as it gets HomeKit support.

How to say this in such a way as to not sound like a nutcase.  For those of us who have (for better or worse) decided that Google is as evil as they swore never  to become (evidence the destruction of Nest as a useful tool) and who have had it with Hubs that are never properly supported (i.e., Smart Things), it is a real heartbreaker to see such an innovative product just out of reach to those of us who have decided not to rely on hubs.  HomeKit certainly has its (major) flaws, but if you would at least make your App stand alone, you wouldn't alienate those of us who have learned the hard way not to get sucked into  Smart Things, Wink and all the other proprietary systems that will never really integrate things.  Please consider going stand alone, whether you want to enable HomeKit or not.  Systems like Ring and iDevices are actually behaving more true to "open systems".  You've narrowed your market so severely (by mandating hub dependence)  that you are exposing your wonderful idea to needless competition.  I really want to buy your product and shout about it's merits, but I just can't bring myself to add (yet another) poorly supported agenda-driven hub to my automated home.  I know there aren't many posts here, but we are the tip of an iceberg that you need to understand.  Thanks.

You can integrate Konnected with HomeKit via Home Assistant. While it's not a direct integration, it does work quite well. Home Assistant can run completely within your home network and sync Konnected devices to HomeKit. You then use HomeKit to expose your alarm system securely to the internet so you can access it and notifications from your iOS device.

To do this, set up Konnected with Home Assistant as described in our documentation. Then add the HomeKit component to your Home Assistant configuration.

Has anyone successfully implemented it with HomeKit and can comment on how well it works?

Very interested in this topic. I'm a novice, but am ready to buy if this can be integrated with my whole home Apple set up. I spent a fair amount of money switching everything over and can't go to Smartthings now. Where is the documentation on setting up Home Assistant referenced above? Hell, I'll buy the Konnect kit for my old wired alarm system now because it's just a boat anchor at this point anyway (and a poor one of those). 

Hub dependency is an issue for me. I much prefer to have a variety of Apple HomeKit devices so compatibility with HomeKit is essential. I'm not thrilled by the Samsung hub and find the others that you suggest too limited or too complicated for my wife and me. So, please put me down as another enthusiastic customer who wishes to have HomeKit integration out of the box.

I agree, once this is HomeKit compatible, I'm in. Perhaps integration with the Lutron Hub.

Another vote for native/direct homekit support. My home has extensive HomeKit home automation AND an unused security system. I’ll be watching closely!

+1 from Italy about homekit integration. I'm spending days reading forums, FB pages about this issue: Old or recent alarm system that do not integrate in homekit.

Basically is not the alarm system that most of users ask to integrate but the doors/windows cabled sensors that will become very useful for automation when integrated in homekit.

I'm running homekit native accessories and some others brand  ( non compatible ) that I bring in with homey.  

I will double check about the possibility to bring your product with homebridge but too much skill needed there.

Another request for HomeKit which works reliably and is simple to setup and use. I would be willing to pay a higher price for HomeKit support.

Adding another hub adds too much complexity unless one is unhappy with HomeKit. I was hoping for a simple replacement of my DSC system with native HomeKit support.

A comparable HomeKit-compatible ‘system’ replacement, as an example, is the Rachio sprinkler controller. Simply remove the water control valve wires from one’s antiquated Hunter or Rainbird controller and connect the wires to the Rachio unit (sound familiar?). Then use the iOS app for easy setup and HomeKit connection.

I’m confident you would sell a LOT MORE units (at a considerably higher price) if your Konnected product was as easy to install as the Rachio product.

btw… I still like your product and am likely a potential customer given I’ve yet to find an acceptable HomeKit solution. Thanks.


The only HomeKit compatible alarm system now is the Honeywell Lyric. I would much rather be able to use all my existing sensors, etc. As I said earlier, when Konnected becomes HomeKit compatible, I'm in.

I am using HOOBS (simply-to-use homebridge) running on a  raspberry pi 3 for homekit support to my SmartThings hub.  It all works pretty well.   I used the Konnected.io interfaces for wired security (https://konnected.io/products/konnected-alarm-panel-interface-for-wired-security-systems) attached to my existing DCS alarm system.  I had an extra zone on it so I configured it to be "24-hr Burglary" (Zone option 11) which will sound the siren on the alarm system even if the DCS alarm system is not "armed".  That is wired to the siren output relay on the konnected.io interface.  To silence the siren from my iPhone I use a second output for a siren silence switch which disconnects the siren.  (I would like to figure out a way to reset/disarm the DSC alarm system via a Konnected.io output but I haven figured out a way to do that in the DSC documentation yet.)  This allows me to arm/disarm the system by my iPhone (either via HomeKit or SmartThings app), by Siri, by iPhone geo fencing, etc.   Everything that shows up on my SmartThings hub shows up on my iPhone in the Home app, for example the alarm system:


Here are some links I used to get everything up and running:

https://hoobs.org/step-by-step-guide-skill/   (installing HOOBS on Raspberry Pi, really easy)

https://github.com/tonesto7/homebridge-smartthings-tonesto7  (at bottom on page: installing SmartApp on SmartThings IDE account, configuration, and Homebridge Plugin Installation on HOOBS.  You have to do a little editing of the config file but HOOBS has a nice web-based interface.)

https://www.dsc.com/manual/29002655  (DSC alarm system installer manual, etc.)

And Nate's videos on Konnected setup and SmartThings integration, of course:


And his video on DSC alarm system integration which motivated me to try all of this, in the first place:


Also, he talks about using the two PGM outputs on the alarm, which I use as well, so konnection/SmartThings/HomeKit can monitor and know if the alarm is armed (via the existing alarm panels) and if the siren is sounding.  Great tip.

Hi Stacey Son,

I have my HOOBS all setup for the most part.  I’ve ordered my Konnected kit, but I’m unsure of one thing.  Can my HOOBS be used to emulate the smart things hub?  I was talking with support and they thought this could be done, but I’m looking in hoobs at SmartThings V2 and it talks about adding configuration information, which I don’t see in the smart things classic app.

Any advice on this would be welcomed.  Either way if I have to buy a hub it’s not the end of the world.  Lot’s of daisy chains though.  Have you been happy with your setup?  Feel like it’s fairly reliable?



I have had HOOBS running for a while.  The Konnected sensors  (also DSC) are working properly in SmartThings however they are NOT showing up in HOOBS/Homekit.  Using the Homebridge v2 SmartApp.  Any help/advice appreciated.

Do you have a physical SmartThings hub? I struggled for over a month to get it to work thinking everything would be done on the cloud and after I bought physical hub it all worked the second I connected it.

Yes, have ethernet connected SmartThings hub.  For some reason when I tried SmartThings app on another device the zones showed up to be chosen and synched to homebridge and are now showing in Homekit.   I'm trying to add more zones today to see if this keeps working.

Add another that will buy as soon as HomeKit gets integrated.

it's been over 2 years that I've waited for Homekit. I gave up waiting and made the move to Abode. I'm extremely happy.