Duplicate zone possible

G'day all and g'day Mike

My Konnected Pro/Homebridge setup has been running smoothly since my install and I continue to be incredibly pleased with the way it works.

One feature of our previous Bosch panel that we miss is the 'woop-woop' from our system when armed or disarmed. We usually arm the alarm via a key fob remote (as described here) and we do this from outside the house. 

Ideally, our phone would give us instant feedback that the system was armed - but in practice, this isn't the case. If we're JUST out of wifi range, then it can be a 5-10 seconds before a Home app notification comes through, by which time I've already hit the fob button again, thinking the arming wasn't successful!

So, what I'd like is for the siren/strobe to woop/flash once.

For background, I have two sirens - one is the external siren/strobe box on the front of the house and the other is an internal siren mounted in the roof space. 

I have set up the external siren/strobe on the ALARM 1 output, and the internal alarm on the ALARM 2 output. 

This is my config


                            "enabled": true,
                            "zoneNumber": "alarm1",
                            "zoneType": "siren",
                            "zoneLocation": "Siren and Strobe"
                            "enabled": true,
                            "zoneNumber": "alarm2_out2",
                            "zoneType": "siren",
                            "zoneLocation": "Internal",
                            "switchSettings": {
                                "pulseDuration": 60,
                                "pulsePause": 940,
                                "pulseRepeat": 1


I DO have this working using the internal siren. That's why I have it set to sound for a short time (60ms). To be clear, this works! Unfortunately, when we're outside the house in a running car, we can't hear the internal siren woop. That's why I'd like to use the external siren/strobe.

I tried setting up a new Zone, specifying the Alarm 1 output AGAIN, but this time by setting s short duration for the siren (we don't want it going indefinitely, like it would when the alarm is triggered). In this way, I was hoping to have a separately addressable output that just happens to use the same physical hardware. I see in the logs that this isn't allowed: 

[10/10/2021, 14:01:28] [Konnected] Duplicate Zone: Zone number 'alarm1' is assigned in two or more zones, please check your Homebridge configuration for panel with UUID XXXXXXXXXXXX.

 Could this be allowed in a future update to achieve custom siren/strobe behaviour only in certain circumstances? Or does this fundamentally go agains Konnected's allowed behaviour/function?

You might be thinking "Why not just create an automation in the Home app that activates the siren/strobe for a short time when the alarm is either armed or disarmed?"

Well, that's the first thing I tried. Unfortunately, the Home app doesn't allow a wait command of less than a second and sounding the siren for 1 second is a surprisingly long time when a 100+db siren is going off at 10pm :D

All suggestions or feedback are welcome. 

Thanks again, Mike for all your work in getting Konnected and Homebridge working so well together.

This is an interesting request. This is doable, but I can’t say this is something that I have any priority on implementing in the near or remote future. Have you tried converting your HomeKit automation to a scripted Shortcut automation to gain more refinement with the desired timing of your scenario?

You might be interested in setting up NodeRED with Homebridge to achieve finer-grained automation control vs the HomeKit/Shortcut automations.