DSC Keypad Beeping While Attempting to Program


I have a DSC Neo system with two wired keypads (HS2LCDRF9) inherited from the previous home-owner and I've successfully installed the Konnected Pro Interface kit and configured the system using one of the keypads. The second keypad, however, is refusing to let me into its settings.

Once I press *, the keypad starts beeping, 5 times in quick succession with a short pause before repeating. If I press 5, I can enter my access code to get into the access codes section, but if I press anything else (ex: 8 for programming or 6 for user settings), it refuses to accept my access code (it doesn't even say it's invalid, it just keeps accepting button presses until it eventually times out). Also note that it's still rapidly beeping this entire time at full volume making it really difficult to want to troubleshoot further.

I'm pretty confident this has nothing to do with the Konnected panel and is just something generally wrong with my system, but I can't confirm since I did not try programming the system prior to the install.

Any ideas as to what the issue could be? I believe the previous owner installed the system themselves so it could be anything. I've power cycled the system (including disconnecting the battery), and also tried disconnecting the other, not-annoying keypad to see if it was some sort of conflict.

Slight correction: I can get into the programming section as well (*8), but it's still beeping the entire time. The user settings (*6), specifically, is what I cannot get into.