DSC Dual Tone Directional Attic Siren (SD 20W)

 Why are there 3 wires coming out of the siren?  red yellow white?


only has a positive and negative. 

i could test it by randomly plugging things in, but would rather not blow my ears out :)

Ok i got it to work, first guess was the orange wire was + and the white was -.

Anyone know what the 3rd wire is for?

I am looking for the same information ... DSC apparently doesn't like to publish this data ... but it still should be on the Konnected site. I think the wiring is as follows.

White wire is 12V negative

Yellow positive wire is for normal steady alarm tone

Red wire is alternate positive and is used to produce the warble tone


Documentation on a lot of the accessories is very sparse. My guess is on purpose do dissuade DIYers.

Thanks for the investigation and update.