Do sirens have their own batteries in the USA?

Hi all. Just moved to a new house in the USA from the UK and this is my first time tackling this type of alarm project. New home has an existing but disconnected ADT service with what seems to be a typical metal cabinet and circuit board in the basement. There seem to be two or three sirens. My question is : I recall that my old ADT alarm siren in the UK had its own battery and when it was disconnected from the power, the siren blasted out and only stopped when the siren battery ran out. Do US sirens connected to these cabinets typically have such batteries ? Do I need to worry about my sirens going off as I make the upgrade and disrupt power ? Thanks.

Most often not. Typical sirens in North American residential alarm systems do not have backup batteries or tamper circuits in the siren itself. The siren is usually connected to the alarm panel by only two wires that carry 12V when the siren should be activated. They do not receive constant power.