Digital zone tripping

Rather than just have a set of terminals for each zone, I'd like the ability to send a binary code to the hardware to trip (or nor trip), for example, an alarm condition, by some sort of serial bus connector.

This would mean that systems attached to the bus could send codes to the board saying "I'm okay" or "Yikes!" or whatever.

I'd personally use this with Pi or Beaglebones, who'd monitor various sensors, and would repeatedly connect to the motherboard reporting on the various states of the sensors. Some of these may be alarm sensors, some may be other types of sensors etc.

HWmonitor, Open hardware monitor, Realtemp, Speccy, Speedfan, Windows utilities, CPU-Z, NZXT CAM and most of the bundled motherboard utilities are often not the best choice as they are not always accurate. Some are actually grossly inaccurate, especially with certain chipsets or specific sensors that for whatever reason they tend to not like or work well with. I've found HWinfo or CoreTemp to be the MOST accurate with the broadest range of chipsets and sensors. They are also almost religiously kept up to date.

CoreTemp is great for just CPU thermals including core temps or distance to TJmax on older AMD platforms.

HWinfo is great for pretty much EVERYTHING, including CPU thermals, core loads, core temps, package temps, GPU sensors, HDD and SSD sensors, motherboard chipset and VRM sensor, all of it. When starting HWinfo after installation, always check the box next to "sensors only" and de-select the box next to "summary".

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