Delay on Exit Problem using SmartThings

I cannot seem to configure SmartThings Home Monitor (SHM) to allow me a delay upon exit.  In SHM options under "Set response", I've set  the "Delay time" to one minute.  I've set the "Delay before alert" to one minute, which I believe is the siren alert, but not sure as unclear in the app.

I arm the system, open the main door and walk out.  One minute later, SHM sends me a text about the door being opened.  Two minutes after exit, the siren goes off.

How to I configure SHM to allow a delay upon exit?  Thanks in advance.


After more research, I discovered the problem, and fixed it.  The actual door sensor was connected to SHM in addition to my virtual sensor.  I removed the actual sensor, and problem solved!

Hope this helps someone in the future having the same problem.

Well, back to my original problem.  I removed the actual door sensor from SHM, but of course that means if an intruder goes through that door, it will not trigger an alert.

So does anyone have a solution for my problem?  Again, I wish to arm the system using my wall-mounted tablet (I replaced an old ADT keypad), then exit through the door and not trigger an alert?

Hi Joe, I guess you solved your issue by now but this is how I did mine.

1 - create a virtual switch on ST (you will use this to arm the alarm)

2 - create a routine with a if condition like

        if virtual switch is on for 30 seconds

        then set ST Home Monitor to Armed (away)

3 - link you tablet to this virtual switch instead

Hope this helps