Connecting 2, 6 zone wired interface boards

Hello all, I have ordered 2, 6 zone interface boards and was wondering if there is any instructions on how to wire them both together? Looks like they both come with their own wifi card and I will need to have them both on the network and then just wire the leads to each zone?

The boards don’t wire together. Each connects to WiFi and has the sensors hardwired to it. You can then see the ‘things’ (zone sensors) in SmartThings or Hubitat or whichever hub you use. Just follow the install videos / instructions.

Thanks Brad, I will be using smartthings. Any idea on the relay that will come with the Konnected interface if I need to set up each relay that comes with each 6 zone kit? I plan on using the relay to trigger arm/disarm on the panel. (Vista 20)

I have the same question as well with David Perez, how do we connect to the existing panel on the Zone dedicated for Arm/Disarm and also the programmable outputs.

Do we just join them together on the existing panel??