Clear or Show Fault Alerts in VISTA 20 Remotely?

I have Konnected interfaced with my existing home alarm system consisting of a VISTA 20 with the new SmartThings app. I can Arm Stay/Away and Disarm. If the Alarm is triggered, I am notified, so I can disarm the alarm remotely in SmartThings. However, if I click Arm Away/Stay later it won't arm because there is still a Fault Code that needs to be cleared. 

Is there a way to show faults or clear faults through some mechanism in Konnected that would flow through to SmartThings?


hello, mine must have disarm code enterred twice to remove the Fault code, have you tried it?

it's possible to do that but if you click that button again and there is no fault, the system will arm and then disarm.