Change WiFi connection?

I want to change the wifi connection on my Konnected board to a different wifi router.  How do I do that?

 Using the SmartThings app:

Automation > SmartApps > Konnected > Select your Konnected Device > Device Status

Go to bottom of screen and you will find the wifi connection setting. This will allow you to change where you connect to.

Make sure to save your changes.

I wanted to do this because I was unable to connect my device to SmartThings, so obviously I couldn’t make the change in the app. I was able to redefine the wifi settings by turning off my wifi router. When the Konnected could not connect to the signal it was looking for, it started broadcasting the setup signal again. I connected my phone to that, navigated to, and reset the Konnected wifi settings. Plug the router back in, and it connected. For whatever reason, I was then able to get the app and the Konnected talking. Mission accomplished.

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How do I change the Wifi settings if I don't use SmartThings?  I'm currently using Home Assistant.

Same question. How do I migrate my previously working V1 system from SmartThings to Hubitat. I no longer have access to the SmartThings hub, app or software. I have a new WiFi router with a new SSID and password. I simply want to "reset" and start anew  with my new Hubitat system like the v1 hardware was fresh out of the box.

Why does there not seem to be a hard "factory" reset options using the push buttons on the board? Long press, hold on power etc?  Am I just being daft in not figuring out how to do this simply with a button press?

I am not able to make any progress following the flashing it back to new approach either using this guide...

I can't seem to get the CH340 USB serial port to show up on any computer I have tried.  

I'm out of computers, out of ideas and could use some advice on how to recover.  Thank you.

Hi Craig,

I followed the same flashing-konnected-firmware article and it works for me. I used it to associate my Konnected boards to a new instance of Home Assistant on a different Wifi network.

Things I would check:

1) Unplug the 12v power, then remove the NodeMCU from the Konnected board.

2) Connect a USB-A to MicroUSB cable that supports Data to the NodeMCU. Some USB cables only work as charging cables. Plug the USB-A side into a USB port on the back of your PC (or one that is directly on the motherboard)

3) Assuming you're using Windows, make sure the COM port shows up in Device Manager under "Ports (COM & LPT)"

4) Make sure to click the refresh button on the firmware tool. It doesn't seem to auto-select the COM port for you. You'll have to click the pull down and select the port. Typically COM3 or COM4 in my case.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Jeff.  All good now. I was not getting the COM serial port to show up in winsows. I ended up grabbing a driver from an arduino page and it all worked.  I've already ordered the new alarm panel pro for a new system. Here is hoping there is an easier way to do a hard reset in the future.

Thanks again. I appreciate your help.

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As Ed Nunez  already resolved your issue... I don't wanna post a separate thread but i wanna ask 2 things.

First i have a Verizon Fios internet service so i was looking for compaitable router.

I landed on

So, can you help which one is the best. I was trying but can't figure it out.

I want to change the wifi connection on my Konnected board to a different wifi router.  How do I do that?

I have been having the same question since I got the best Netgear router as discussed in this URL. How do I change from my Asus router Wi-Fi?

I have been stuck here for the last 24 hours!

If the old wifi is off, just restart the Konnected board. It will go back into broadcast mode in 30-40 seconds. You can join the wifi it's broadcasting. 

I agree with Andy Wulff method. Just restart the connected mode & it will work. Other then that there can be some problems in your router. I personally suggest you to choose between Netgear r7000 vs r7000p due to its ultra fast speed. 

I like their ideas as we’ll

Based on the link provided, I obtained the 400mbps router which is the best router for Xfinity. I have also Asus blue cave red light router.

For the past 24 hours, I have been stuck here! 

Based on the link provided, I obtained the 400mbps router which is the best router for Xfinity. I have also Asus blue cave red light.

For the past 24 hours, I have been stuck here!