Can I short (jumper) my old alarm panel terminals to figure out zones?

First time posting. Just starting the ground work for a purchase and install. Existing alarm system is a First Alert K5305-5V3 with a Ademco 4219 zone expander which the previous owner installed prior to selling us the house and we've never used.

The existing system isn't labeled in any way so I don't know what the zones are. If I take a jumper wire and short the two leads for a zone will it in essence make that zone hot and then trick the existing system into telling me what zone is hot? Will I electrocute myself doing this?

So for example I take terminal 12 screw on the existing system and place jumper wire between it and common ground screw 13. Then I run to the alarm control panel upstairs and see what it's telling me? ie: it might display  "Master Bedroom motion" or "Front Door". That way I know what that zone wire does before I disconnect the existing system. Will this work for a powered motion sensor zone too?

Let me know if this will work and if I will electrocute myself :-)

My goal is to know what the different wires are before I decommission the old system.