Help confirming In-Parallel will work for me - resistor wires connected to "common" pins

I’m looking to purchase the Alarm Panel Interface Kit.  I was watching the video "Wiring Zones In-Parallel with a Traditional alarm panel", and it looks straight forward.  I have zero electronic skills so when I noticed that my current system has all the resistor wires connect to the “common” pins and the regular wire to the dedicate pin, a red flag went up.  The video mentions Hi and Lo sides.  Is the Lo side the same as saying “common” in my case?  I’m sure I’m using the wrong terms so hopefully the two pictures help.

Will plugging the jumper wires into the spots marked Zone 1-6 on my current board work as is?  Or will I need to swap the resistor wire with its corresponding regular wire?  If don’t need to swap the wire, will the tunning of the potentiometer dial be the same? 

Thanks in advance.

 Hi...However long both the Common pin and the ESP pin are designed as data sources, indeed, that ought to be OK. Note that the ESP is 3.3V just so you ought to just get it done with a 3.3V inventory to each of the three sheets. I don't recall whether the ESP can endure 5V contributions at it's pins, however it's smarter to simply adhere to 3.3V.