Beeper Always On

Hello, I’m having the same exact issue as documented here:
Running homebridge-konnected v1.1.8, homebridge is up to date. Attached is my konnected plugin config.

The beeper accessory when turned on doesn’t turn itself back off and the actual beeper never triggers.

Is this now a known issue? Is there a workaround? Thank you!

Hey Hollister, looking at your sensors in the config, I noticed they all have switch settings. Sensors shouldn’t have any switch settings because they aren’t switches. I would manually remove the switch settings for all sensors:

"switchSettings": {
  "trigger": "low"

They may have been populated from an older version of the plugin. Give that a try.

Hey Mike! Thanks so much for the tip- I've removed those from my config and it's much more readable now!

Turns out my issue was that one of my connected boards had strangely dropped off of the network and was stuck in a boot loop. I had to manually reflash it in order to regain control of it.

This is actually not the first time this has happened so I should have known. I'd file a bug report about it, but I have no idea how to reproduce it.

Anyway, after reflashing, etc., the issue was resolved. Thanks so much!

That's interesting, I'm assuming the firmware is up to date with the latest version?

It is now- both times I remember this happening there was an update available. I believe this time I reflashed from something like v2.3.4 to the latest version (v3.0.1)

The most recent updates to the firmware have been about stability. I’m seeing this in my own setups, and boot loops have not been witnessed whatsoever since.

glad you were able to get things sorted.