Arming status when arming from Apple Watch (Homebridge)

Using Home App on Apple Watch and tapping Konnected tile to arm system works and status on other devices is updated accordingly. If I use Siri from the Apple Watch to arm the Konnected Alarm it reports on the Home app in the Apple Watch that it is armed but on other devices it just shows arming… Also, if the alarm is armed I am able to disarm it using Siri on the Apple Watch. FYI… alarm can be armed via HomePod (Siri)

Anyone encountered this and resolve it?

If you’re seeking a solution, it might be helpful to check for any updates or compatibility issues between the Apple Watch, Home app, and the Konnected Alarm system. Sometimes, certain configurations or software versions can cause discrepancies in status updates or functionalities across devices. Additionally, reaching out to Konnected support or exploring user forums could provide insights or potential fixes that others have discovered for a similar issue. Or get in touch with Prince2 Exam help because they have discovered the many issues regarding different technologies, in student’s exams and projects.