4 Wire Window Sensors

 Hi folks, i got my alarm system connected last night and everything is working well so far.

I have a question about the wiring for my windows sensors. They have 4 wires coming from them, 2 seem to be for the zone and 2 for the tamper. You can see from the attached photo that the zone and tamper have separate connections on my existing alarm. I have hooked up the zone which is working as expected but I am wondering can I hook up the tamper wires and use these through the system?

I'm based in Ireland which has similar wiring to the UK in case that helps

Thanks in advance for your help guys

Hi Dave, I am thinking of buying this. Did you connect your tamper sensors and does Konnected work with them?

What's the story Dave, did you ever figure out what to do with the tamper cables? I'm in the situation.