4 Channel Relays

I want to convert 2 Omni Lte Panels to the Konnected system.   Each of my Omni Panels have 4 outputs each to 4 Channel Relays.

I am unsure where/how I get 4 outputs from the Konnected panel and what voltages they would be.

Any help would be appreciated.


The Konnected board has a 12vdc auxiliary (always on), a 12vdc triggered (siren), and six 3.3vdc sensor I/Os that can be used with NC sensors or to power relays (only zones 1-5 I believe)

The expanded board has the same except without the 12vdc triggered, but it also has a 5vdc relay output.

The 12vdc auxiliary on both boards are the power for 4-wire sensors like motion detectors or glass break detectors.