Sprinker/Irrigation without DIY board

I bought a 24 zone kit and I'm currently only using  2 boards and would love to hook up my irrigation system using one of the add-on boards I have left.

I would love some guidance on how to connect with my 4 zone irrigation system.

I've been following this thread https://help.konnected.io/support/discussions/topics/32000001261

to get the idea of how to start and I've purchased a 4 channel relay.

Can I use the add on board in place of the DIY board? Am I making this more complicated than it has to be?


I have the same question.

I went for it and got it up and running. Yes, it will work. The major differences I ran into were the 4 channel relay being powered by my add on board was using the aux power out to the 4 channel + -. I used the relay bought from konnected. I also had to buy a 24vac to 12vdc converter because my system was outside and no other way to power my konnected board (which also powers my relay). I grouped that converter in with the wiring for the red and blue wires in Robert’s pics. Which actually also then correspond with the white common and multiple red wires going to the relay. It’s hard to go wrong with all of it creating a circuit when you think of it that way…
Hopefully I can help you take the leap of faith.

I’m looking for a good solution with regard to skipping due to rain but I have the timing set up as an automation.