310-318mhgz Garage Door Interference

Hey everyone, just completed troubleshooting on the RFI I’m experiencing on my mid 90’s Linear garage door opener that had rendered it nearly inoperative. Linear kindly includes a feature where the “learn” LED lights up whenever the opener is receiving signals, which was flickering/blinking constantly.

After powering down all the wireless devices the garage door signal light was out, and as I turned back on each WiFi device it remained out until I got to the Konnected boards. Both of my konnected boards cause the light to flicker/blink again, and when powered off the signal light on the opener is again dark.

So the question is does anyone have any ideas on how to reduce/eliminate the interference? Is there some modifications that could be done to firmware to reduce it? Also, is it safe to power the WiFi and konnected board separately to isolate which one is emmiting the interference?