16V 10VA DoorBell Transformer to Power Konnected?

The closet where my old alarm panel doesn't have an outlet so I was wondering if there was a way for me to power the Konnected Device through the 16V 10VA doorbell transformer? I thought about using the AUX from the old board/transformer but I'm not sure if there would be enough room for the 18 zone connected kit and the old board.

(Red is the 16V 10VA transformer, not sure what the Black one is at the moment. No markings that I could make out)

The doorbell transformer is AC and the Konnected board is DC. DO NOT hook it up. You will burn out the board.

I would find the transformer that powered your old board. And just reuse the wires (not the transformer). You can connect the Konnected power supply to those wires to bring in power.

So you would recommend stripping off the old transformer and cutting the new transformer in half and connecting to the old wires? Also, my old transformer was located in the attic and it seems like there may have been an issue with heat, would that be something I need to be concerned about with the Konnected transformer?

What I would do is remove the old transformer. Take the wires and put this on the end. https://konnected.io/collections/in-stock-now/products/dc-power-screw-terminal-adapter

Plug in the Konnected power supply. Heat should not be an issue. 

On the other end you can put one of these to plug into the board(s) - https://konnected.io/collections/in-stock-now/products/dc-power-pigtail

That's perfect, thanks for your help!