1 Volt Zone?

Hey all! I'm using an interface kit on a Napco Gemini p3200 board. Aux reference is the typical 12 volts, so all sensors work great, but the armed and burg alarm lug outputs generate 1 volt when triggered. I can tune the potentiometers all the way and the interface board just doesn't change when I arm or alarm. Light is always solidly on. (Which is interesting because when I first installed, both of these lights were entirely off.) There are no programmable outputs like on a honeywell board - this is it. Any thoughts on getting this to work? Should I connect to my siren/alarm output on the board instead? That wouldn't solve the "arm" status though. 


To clarify, here's the documentation:

Lug E10 (BURG.) will go to about 1Vdc when the Burglary Output is tripped. This lug is intended for connection to UL-listed devices rated 5mA maximum and capable of operating over the voltage range of 8-13.0Vdc (12V, special application). Use Napco Part No. WL1 for connection.

Arm Lug (Lug E4) Lug E4 (ARM) will go to approximately 1Vdc when all areas in the system are armed. This lug may be used for auxiliary equipment. (For use, refer to the instructions furnished with the device.)

I confirmed with the company that these truly are outputs. I don't know if it goes from 0 V to 1 Vdc, or something higher and then drops down to 1Vdc when the system is armed/alarming. 

RESOLVED! - the device got stuck in the on position after I accidentally set it as a switch the first time around. Deleting that setup didn't do it, but using the reset button did.