Seeking NodeMCU Base Ver 1.0 Fritzing Part

Hi group, I posting this request here hoping someone may have a solution. I've complete several DIY projects (smoke detector, leak sensor, garage door control) using the Konnect DIY kit. I wish to document my DIY project and selected an OpenSource software product (Fritzing). I'm only posting my question here because I've haven't been able to post to the Fritzing forum and thought other Konnect users may be using Fritzing. I've located several Fritzing ESP8266 modules on GitHub but haven't been successful in finding a NodeMCU Base part. Anyone have suggestions as to where I might find this NodeMCU Base as a Fritzing part?


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Hi Ed,

Thanks for the response. You provided a link for purchasing the Nodemcu base while I’m seeking to obtain an electronic model of the Nodemcu base for a software electronic modeling product called Fritzing. I certainly appreciate you response. BTW, if your ever needing to purchase NodeMCU’s or other electronics on the cheap you might wish to order them using Aliexpress. However, delivery can take sometime since mist of these products are shipped from China.

5 years have passed, has the fritzing part been done or published?

The closest I've found is this: